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Our Most Recommended

If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the three that you should know about. I find myself recommending these resources again and again, in emails and on podcasts. I use them because they make my life easier, and I’m confident you’ll agree too.

Sermons by Dr. Greg Harris

Sermons by Dr. Greg Harris: This is a collection of Dr. Greg Harris’ sermons dating back to 2006 at Lake Hills Community Church. Here, you will find his well-known series titled, “We’ve Been Expecting You” along with studies on the covenants and the book of Revelation.

resources women's study

Women’s Inside Out Bible Study: Our Women’s Ministry Director, Kim Wine, designed these Bible Studies to teach you more than simply what the Bible says. You will also learn how to study the Bible for yourself as we explore the depths of God’s Word together – one book of Scripture at a time.

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the cup and the glory audio download

The Cup and the Glory FREE Audio Download: Here you will find the full volume of Dr. Greg Harris’, The Cup and the Glory read to you in his own voice.

Greg Harris presents a powerful spiritual force that challenges the reader to live out what Scripture reveals on the road of suffering. The lessons he builds are sign posts that reveal the human heart, the depravity of man, the believer’s ongoing struggle with trust, the unexpected challenges, the bearing up under adversity, God’s work of perfecting, and the sufferers increased sensitivity to God’s glory. The book’s strength is that it draws the reader into a Biblical discussion of suffering — rich with spiritual principles dug by a prospector eagerly willing to share his nuggets of truth with Biblical certainty.

Foreign Translations

Many of Dr. Harris’ books are available in various foreign languages. Here you can find those works free to all.

La Copa Cover

La Copa y La Gloria: (Spanish translation of The Cup and the Glory) El Dr. Greg Harris, profesor de The Master’s Seminary, esta regalando su libro “La Copa y la Gloria” en formato PDF. John MacArthur dijo que este libro “auténticamente expresa la esperanza deslumbrante de la gloria eterna de Dios que pone en perspectiva aun la más oscura copa de sufrimiento mundano. Ya sea que ahora sufras o confortes aquellos que padecen, esto es algo que debe ser leído.”

La Copa Study Guide

La Copa y La Gloria – Guia de Estudio: (Spanish translation of The Cup and the Glory Study Guide) This is the Spanish translation of The Cup and the Glory Study Guide to accompany the Spanish translation of the book.

Las Tinieblas Y La Gloria: Al examinar la cruz desde la perspectiva de Cristo, Las tinieblas y la Gloria provee una fascinante mirada ‘detrás del escenario’ de la profunda realidad espiritual y teológica del Calvario. (CUT HERE) Estas son realidades que trascienden lo físico, conforme la ira del hombre fue sobrepasada tanto por la ira de Satanás como por la ira de Dios en última instancia. (OR HERE) Con inteligencia teológica y entendimiento pastoral, Greg Harris invita a los lectores a seguirlo en un viaje a la cruz que nunca olvidarán.

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