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Preview: First Two Chapters of the Bible Expositor’s Handbook by Dr. Greg Harris

We are excited to release to you the first two chapters of Dr. Harris’ anticipated book, The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Old Testament Edition (From B&H Academic Publishers). Click the link below to download. The full electronic version of the book is coming very soon.   Click Here to Download the Two Chapter Preview to The Bible Expositor’s Handbook.

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Pastor Mike McKinley - Ministering to the Poor

Ep 43: Mike McKinley on Ministering to the Poor

Pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church and author of Church in Hard Places, Mike McKinley, talks to us about taking our ministry to the poor beyond the soup kitchen.

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God's Gift of Cancer w/ Felecia Stephens

God’s Gift of Cancer with Felecia Stephens

Please click the play button on the pink bar below to begin the podcast. No added software is needed. 🙂 In 2009, Felecia Stephens faced her biggest fear in life – being diagnosed with cancer. Then, in 2014, the cancer metastasized and she faced her fears once again. Listen as Felecia shares with us how […]

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whack a mole with your soul

You Are Not in a Grand “Whack-a-Mole” Game With God

Edit: We had an error in communication on this post. It was meant for the Women’s Hope category, the part of our ministry dedicated to women, but instead was placed in our general. We have corrected this. I have two sons who love to go to the arcade. I don’t enjoy video games that much, but there […]

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taking preferences too far

Taking Our Preferences Too Far

Convictions Gone Rogue… Jill is just full of “convictions.” Jill is quite sure she knows the exact ratio of hymns to choruses that are to be sung by the congregation each Lord’s Day AND what style of music said songs are to be played that will be most pleasing to her Lord.  It is also […]

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the gospel of the reformation

The Gospel of the Reformation

  Special Guest: Dr. Bill Webster Host: Will Costello Producer: Kevin Laymon Dr. Bill Webster, author of “The Gospel of the Reformation” stops in to chat about the Lordship Salvation.

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3 Steps to Help Us Let 2015 Go

It can be difficult to move on into a new year because of loose ends from the year before. Financial woes, emotional baggage, strained relationships, health issues, and even holiday weight gain seem to snatch the joy out of enjoying the blessing of living to see another new year. On December 31, 2014, I was […]

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Our Glory Books New Year’s Resolution

When we started a little over a year ago we had no idea what to expect. We knew we were dropping into an over saturated blog market and that it would be incredibly tough to distinguish ourselves from the two dozen or so “Biblical Response to [insert current event here]” blogs already out there, […]

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year of many tears phillipians

The Year of Many Tears: Lessons on Joy from Philippians

Today is December 31, 2015. That means it’s my 19th wedding anniversary. Some would assume that this far along in life, I would “have it all together.” If you are one who would make such an assumption, I’m afraid I have incredibly disappointing news… …I’m not even close to “together.” 2015 has been an incredibly […]

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no such thing as bad luck or the force

There is No Such Thing as Bad Luck…or the Force!

Last week my wife and I made plans to see the new Star Wars movie. We got the baby sitter lined up (which is not always an easy task with a 2 1/2 year old and a 12 week old), and we planned out the night.  My wife got everything ready for the sitter and […]

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