Preview: First Two Chapters of the Bible Expositor’s Handbook by Dr. Greg Harris

We are excited to release to you the first two chapters of Dr. Harris’ anticipated book, The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Old Testament Edition (From B&H Academic Publishers). Click the link below to download. The full electronic version of the book is coming very soon.   Click Here to Download the Two Chapter Preview to The Bible Expositor’s Handbook.

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Bill Shannon on Biblical Counseling

Ep 45: Bill Shannon on Biblical Counseling

“Mental illness? Questioning common assumptions.” Bill Shannon of The Master’s Seminary today on the podcast.

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Old Testament Relevance

3 Ways the Old Testament is Relevant for Today

Has the Old Testament lost its relevance for today? A conversation with the average person would suggest that it has. Some have discarded it as inapplicable, others have relinquished it as fanciful allegories needing modern interpretation, and some have simply renounced it as a collection of stories. Amongst ‘professing’ Christians the Old Testament fares only […]

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Christian procrastination

Christians, Meet Procrastination

I am a procrastinator. Whether or not that makes me qualified to write this post, I will let you be the judge! Over the course of my life I have fallen victim to the clutches of procrastination. Even down to my last seminary assignment before graduation, I was up until 2 AM the night before […]

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Brian Croft on Church Revitalization

Ep 44: Brian Croft on Church Revitalization

Brian Croft talks about the long-term commitment to church revitalization and the hurdles that come along with it.

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Greg Harris Special Announcement

Ep 26: Dr. Greg Harris Helps us Make an Announcement

On today’s podcast, our founder, Dr. Harris stops in to talk about ministry, suffering, and helps us make an exciting announcement for the women’s ministry. Don’t miss this one for a rare opportunity to get to know Dr. Harris a little better!

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children trust god

Helping Our Kids Trust God

One of the greatest desires my wife and I have for our children is that they will learn that they can trust God in every area of their lives for their entire lives. This is not something we want to leave to someone else either. The truth is, it is something that their mother and […]

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Pastor Mike McKinley - Ministering to the Poor

Ep 43: Mike McKinley on Ministering to the Poor

Pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church and author of Church in Hard Places, Mike McKinley, talks to us about taking our ministry to the poor beyond the soup kitchen.

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What to do with an adulteress?

What to Do with An Adulteress

Today’s article crosses the line into pastoral ministry and is not meant to be a simple theology lesson. Every Sunday, during our second service, we have a Question and Answer time. We have been doing this for 4 years, since our beginning as a church, and it has proven to be one of the best […]

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theology jerk

How to be a Bible Study / Theology Jerk (Bible Knowledge and Pride)

C.S. Lewis said in Mere Christianity, “The Christians are right: it is pride which has been the chief cause of misery in every nation and every family since the world began.”  Pride is a deadly sin and some have argued that it is the CHIEF sin.  It seems as if Adam and Eve felt they […]

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