Old Testament Relevance

3 Ways the Old Testament is Relevant for Today

Has the Old Testament lost its relevance for today? A conversation with the average person would suggest that it has. Some have discarded it as inapplicable, others have relinquished it as fanciful allegories needing modern interpretation, and some have simply renounced it as a collection of stories. Amongst ‘professing’ Christians the Old Testament fares only […]

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Christian Habits

3 Helps to Develop Habits of the Christian Life

The Christian life is a disciplined life. It is a life full of activities that guide the formation of the new man in Christ. At the foundation of that spiritual formation you will find the necessity for constant saturation of Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. As humans we seek, and often require, explicit step-by-step instructions for […]

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Surprising Offense of God's Love

Book Review: The Surprising Offense of God’s Love

All the world needs is love, or so the saying goes. In many ways, this statement is true, in that God is love (1 John 4:8). Love infiltrates every aspect of life. Thus, a wrong definition of love can have catastrophic consequences, because the fallout also impacts every aspect of life. While volumes could be […]

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pride's detrimental effects on devotional time

Pride’s Detrimental Effects on Devotional Time

The Posture of the Prideful Man Two weeks ago, fellow author Ed Braswell wrote a great article on why we fail at family devotions (if you have not yet read it, I urge you to do so by clicking here). The reasons (excuses might be a better word) laid out in the article not only […]

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Methods to stimulate devotional time

Six Methods to Stimulate Your Devotional Time

1. Living for the Word Scripture supplies society with some of the most staggering claims ever made, claims that have not yet been disproven. From page to page we find declarations that challenge us in a far greater way than any man, woman, or child ever can. The words flow forth from page to person […]

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From Distraction to Deity: Make the Most of Your Bible Reading Time

Driven to Distraction Increased connectivity combined with increased networking has lead our society to increased productivity . . . or so the claim goes. As technology has advanced it creates more opportunities to learn, to work, and to join together with others in ways that were never possible for previous generations. In many ways we […]

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the role of a study bible in bible study

The Role of a Study Bible in Bible Study

The study of Scripture did not gain importance with the New Testament era, but had always been set forth as of key importance. Our standard for study is not set forth in the New Testament, but instead finds its basis in the Old Testament. In Ezra 7:10 we find the words, “For Ezra had set his […]

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9 Aspects of Reading the Bible

As many begin their personal Bible study this morning, few recognize that one of the major tools they hold in their hands, finds its beginning in the year 1560. When the Geneva Bible rolled off the presses that year, it revolutionized Bible publication in a number of ways which are still in use today. Perhaps […]

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God's Indwelling Presence

Book Review: God’s Indwelling Presence by James Hamilton

The Topic Few topics generate as much division as that of the Holy Spirit. The mention of pneumatology can take discussions into a wide array of subjects with an even greater assortment of conclusions. Essentially every debate about the Holy Spirit comes down to the following question: What is the role of the Holy Spirit […]

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knowing christ by mark jones

Book Review: Knowing Christ by Mark Jones

There is a great tragedy in the Christian life when we are not able to describe Christ not because we know so little about Christ, but because we know Christ so little. As the object of faith, the Christian’s rest, reassurance, redemption, and reconciliation are all dependent upon Him. While there is no better authority […]

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