Preview: First Two Chapters of the Bible Expositor’s Handbook by Dr. Greg Harris

We are excited to release to you the first two chapters of Dr. Harris’ anticipated book, The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Old Testament Edition (From B&H Academic Publishers). Click the link below to download. The full electronic version of the book is coming very soon.   Click Here to Download the Two Chapter Preview to The Bible Expositor’s Handbook.

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Bill Shannon on Biblical Counseling

Ep 45: Bill Shannon on Biblical Counseling

“Mental illness? Questioning common assumptions.” Bill Shannon of The Master’s Seminary today on the podcast.

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Brian Croft on Church Revitalization

Ep 44: Brian Croft on Church Revitalization

Brian Croft talks about the long-term commitment to church revitalization and the hurdles that come along with it.

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Greg Harris Special Announcement

Ep 26: Dr. Greg Harris Helps us Make an Announcement

On today’s podcast, our founder, Dr. Harris stops in to talk about ministry, suffering, and helps us make an exciting announcement for the women’s ministry. Don’t miss this one for a rare opportunity to get to know Dr. Harris a little better!

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Pastor Mike McKinley - Ministering to the Poor

Ep 43: Mike McKinley on Ministering to the Poor

Pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church and author of Church in Hard Places, Mike McKinley, talks to us about taking our ministry to the poor beyond the soup kitchen.

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inclusive culture

Ep 42: Living Courageously in an Inclusive Culture w/ Eric Weathers

We welcome back Eric Weathers to the Inner Revolution Podcast for a discussion on the coming persecution against the church in America.

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Bible journaling

Ep 25: Bible Journaling – Devotion or Distraction?

On today’s episode Brett Marlowe, pastor of Green Hill Baptist Church, joins us to share his thoughts on the current Bible journaling trend. Is it simply a new way to study our Bibles or is it a distraction from the enemy? Are there redemptive ways to enjoy Bible journaling? Listen in as we discuss Bible […]

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Donald Whitney on Family Worship

Ep 41: Donald Whitney on Family Worship

Timestamps 03:20 What does a Christian home look like when family worship is taking place? 12:15 What do you do with pre-school age children? 15:10 Why is family worship directed to husbands and fathers for leadership? 16:45 What would you say to the guy who wants to do this but feels like he’s way behind […]

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Ep 40: David Mathis on Habits of Grace

David Mathis, author of Habits of Grace, talks to us about developing a life that walks in the grace of God. Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God’s voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining together with his people as the church. Though often viewed as normal and routine, the […]

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Ep 24: #AllSoulsMatter

On today’s episode, Laurel Davis stops in to talk with us about the current racial climate in our nation. Our discussion springboards from Laurel’s article #AllSoulsMatter: 7 Reasons Why My Faith, Not My Race, Comes First. We discuss Christian unity and the Great Hope of the Gospel for all people. Because #AllSoulsMatter to Christ. Eternity […]

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