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respecting authority

Respecting Authority, Even When It’s Tough

A few years ago I was on vacation with my wife in southern Oregon. We stopped at this family owned hotel and began checking in for the night.  The gentlemen behind the counter was an older fellow so naturally I answered his questions with “yes sir.”  After a few minutes he looked at me and […]

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Bible journaling

Ep 25: Bible Journaling – Devotion or Distraction?

On today’s episode Brett Marlowe, pastor of Green Hill Baptist Church, joins us to share his thoughts on the current Bible journaling trend. Is it simply a new way to study our Bibles or is it a distraction from the enemy? Are there redemptive ways to enjoy Bible journaling? Listen in as we discuss Bible […]

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Christian Habits

3 Helps to Develop Habits of the Christian Life

The Christian life is a disciplined life. It is a life full of activities that guide the formation of the new man in Christ. At the foundation of that spiritual formation you will find the necessity for constant saturation of Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. As humans we seek, and often require, explicit step-by-step instructions for […]

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Donald Whitney on Family Worship

Ep 41: Donald Whitney on Family Worship

Timestamps 03:20 What does a Christian home look like when family worship is taking place? 12:15 What do you do with pre-school age children? 15:10 Why is family worship directed to husbands and fathers for leadership? 16:45 What would you say to the guy who wants to do this but feels like he’s way behind […]

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8 ways to ruin your marriage

8 Ways To Ruin Your Marriage

It is easy to get into a marriage, but it is work to maintain one. It also takes work to ruin one. Here are 8 practical ways to ruin your marriage: 1. Stop having a Christ-centered marriage. Secrets to a great marriage don’t exist. All the “self-help” and “how to” books don’t work because we […]

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how to preach the gospel to mormons

How to Preach the Gospel to Mormons

Mormonism has grown to be a massive religion worldwide. According to an article by CNN, there are 15 million members of the church globally with 88,000 Mormon missionaries and 144 Mormon temples. This is a religion and a cult that cannot be ignored. Millions of souls are enslaved to this false form of Christianity and […]

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