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The Cup and the Glory

The Cup and the Glory

Greg Harris presents a powerful spiritual force that challenges the reader to live out what Scripture reveals on the road of suffering. The lessons he builds are sign posts that reveal the human heart, the depravity of man, the believer’s ongoing struggle with trust, the unexpected challenges, the bearing up under adversity, God’s work of perfecting, and the sufferers increased sensitivity to God’s glory. The book’s strength is that it draws the reader into a Biblical discussion of suffering — rich with spiritual principles dug by a prospector eagerly willing to share his nuggets of truth with Biblical certainty.

–Ray Mehringer

The Darkness and the Glory

The Darkness and the Glory

By examining the cross from Christ’s perspective, The Darkness and the Glory provides a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the profound spiritual and theological realities of Calvary — realities that transcend the physical, as the wrath of man was surpassed by both the wrath of Satan and ultimately the wrath of God. With theological acumen and pastoral insight, Greg Harris invites readers to join him on a journey to the cross they will never forget. Doctrinally sound yet warmly devotional, this Christ-centered book is highly recommended to all who desire a better understanding of the glories of the cross.

–John MacArthur

The Stone and the Glory

The Stone and the Glory

This is a book about the magnanimous covenant promises of God, given to His people throughout the ages. For those interested in Jewish evangelism or apologetics, I highly recommend this Bible-rich study. These promises are exact and meant to be understood as they unfold in the text of Scripture. This book traces these promises to their inevitable conclusion, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the world, who will one day return to claim what is rightfully His and gather His own to Himself. May your heart be greatly encouraged as your eyes are drawn to Christ, the author and perfecter of faith.

–John MacArthur

Available in Three Foreign Languages

The Cup and The Glory Spanish


The Cup and the Glory

The Cup and The Glory Chinese


The Cup and the Glory


The Cup and the Glory

Watch: John MacArthur’s Video Promo of The Darkness and the Glory

About Dr. Greg Harris

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Dr. Greg Harris

While pursuing his graduate and post-graduate education, Dr. Greg Harris was also actively involved in church ministry at various churches in California and Texas. In 1989, following the completion of his doctoral studies, he joined the faculty of Washington Bible College, a position he held for seven years. He was also the senior pastor of Berwyn Baptist Church in College Park, Maryland. Then for ten years, Dr. Harris taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, teaching Bible and Greek, and was interim pastor of numerous churches. He continues to serve as an international faculty member of the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary in Amman, and maintains an ongoing international conference and pulpit ministry. Dr. Harris has also completed short-term graduate study at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem. He is the author of The Cup and the Glory, The Darkness and the Glory, and The Stone and the Glory, as well as numerous journal articles, and is an active participant in scholarly societies. Dr. Harris joined The Master’s Seminary family in 2006 as the chairman of the Bible Exposition department, and also teaches as an adjunct professor at The Master’s College. He is also the teaching pastor at Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, CA.

Dr. Harris has impacted thousands of students through his teaching ministry, and has reached thousands more in the churches he’s pastored as well those who have read his books.”I’ve never studied the Bible the same way again” is the testimony from most who have experienced his teaching. He is a man well acquainted with grief and suffering and has taken the lessons learned from the depths of his physical and spiritual trials and made them available to us through his books on God’s glory.

The study and enjoyment of the Glory of God is a lifetime study and passion for him. When asked about what would be the best summation of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, Dr. Harris always answers, “The Glory of God changes everything”—and He does.

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