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Revealing Dr. Harris' Highlighting Method for Bible Study

Revealing Dr. Harris’ Highlighting Method for Bible Study

Maybe you just received a brand new Bible for Christmas, or perhaps you’ve been holding off marking your Bible for years because you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you are like I was and have a Bible where you’ve tried multiple different highlighting systems and now you’ve got a big mess on […]

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For the Glory of God by Daniel Block

Book Review: For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship

Daniel Block is the Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, where he has been a faculty member since 2005. He is the author of numerous scholarly books and articles, including commentaries on Judges (The New American Commentary, Volume 6), Ezekiel (New International Commentary on the Old Testament), Deuteronomy (The NIV Application […]

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The Christian Life w/ Dr. Greg Harris

The Christian Life with Dr. Greg Harris

Dr. Harris talks to us about the trials we face as Christians and God’s faithfulness to see us through those trials in His time. A real heart to heart conversation with a man who has faithfully walked with God for decades.

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adam on probation

Was Adam on Probation?

It is a popular teaching in both Dispensational and Covenantal circles, that Adam was on probation, engaged in a period of testing by God. In the garden and in that state, had he been successful he would have received eternal life. However, as we know happened, if he disobeyed God’s command, he would receive death. […]

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idols of the heart

Hope for Our “Idols of the Heart”: with Special Guest Elyse Fitzpatrick

Every once in a while God uses a person to speak into your life, and because of their impact you are forever changed. Elyse Fitzpatrick has unknowingly been one of “those” people to me. I have had the blessing of meeting Elyse personally on numerous occasions, as well as sit under her teaching at countless […]

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getting to know your Bible: new testament

Getting to Know Your Bible: New Testament

Just as I discussed in my post on the Old Testament, every person who wants to study the Bible should begin with a basic understanding of the Bible.  This begins with understanding the basic organization and placement of the books of the Bible.  First familiarize yourself with the Old Testament. Now you have a good […]

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